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July 2014


JULY 7, 2014

The regular monthly meeting of the Jefferson Township Board of Supervisors was held on Monday, July 7, 2014 at the Jefferson Township Municipal Bldg, 487 Cortez Rd., Jefferson Twp., PA 18436. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Lester L. Butler, Jr. Roll Call: Lester L. Butler, Jr., John H. Patterson, Jr., Paul T. Thomas, Coleen Watt, Attorney Donald P. Dolan. Public Comment on Agenda Items: Matthew Pendrak asked about Resolution 2014-2. The Supervisors stated they addressed that issue at the June meeting. Gerard Heckman of Lackawanna County updated the public on events throughout Lackawanna County. Minutes of Previous Meeting: A motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Aye carried. Treasurers Report: A motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. to approve the treasurers report as read. Aye carried. Reports of Officials and Committees: Fire Company, Road Department and Sewer Authority reports were read by Secretary, Coleen Watt. Resolutions: Resolution 2014-7 Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania Be it RESOLVED, that the Jefferson Township of Lackawanna County hereby requests an Automated Red Light Enforcement Transportation Enhancement Program Grant of $93,030.00, from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to be used for the SR 348/SR 247 Traffic Signal Replacement Project. Be it FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Applicant does hereby designate Lester L Butler, Jr., Chairman as the official to execute all documents and agreements between Jefferson Township and the Commonwealth Financing Authority to facilitate and assist in obtaining the requested grant. I, Coleen Watt, duly qualified Secretary of Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, PA hereby certify that the forgoing is a true and correct copy of a Resolution duly adopted by a majority vote of Jefferson Township at a meeting held July 7, 2014 and said Resolution has been recorded in the Minutes of Jefferson Township and remains in effect as of this date. IN WITNESS THEREOF, I affix my hand and attach the seal of Jefferson Township, this 7th day of July, 2014. A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to adopt Resolution 2014-7. Aye carried. Action on Bills: A motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. to pay all outstanding bills and payroll. Aye carried. Written Communications: The Board received letters from two residents interested in serving on the Sewer Authority. One was William McGee and the other was James Eber. A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to appoint James Eber to the Jefferson Township Sewer Authority. No vote was taken. A motion was made to table the motion to do more research on the candidates. New Business: A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to approve the Dombrowski subdivision. This subdivision improves a non conforming lot, but the lot still does not conform. Aye carried. A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to sell surplus property on Municibid. Aye carried. A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Paul T. Thomas to ratify the hiring of Donald Wallace as Roadmaster on June 23, 2014. Aye carried. Miscellaneous Business: Nancy Utter asked the Board of Supervisors if they had an executive session to hire Donald Wallace. John Giguere spoke as a resident and not as a member of the Sewer Authority. Mr. Giguere noted he has been a member of the Sewer Authority since January 2014 and he feels Mr. McGee has the exact skill set the Authority needs right now. He doesn't feel Mr. McGee not being on the sewer system should matter. He feels Mr. McGee has the necessary skills and is really needed by the Sewer Authority. Nancy Utter stated she has been attending Sewer Authority and Township meetings for 2 years and has yet to see Mr. Eber at a meeting. Matthew Pendrak stated Mr. McGee is an active memeber of the community and is not related to and of the Board members. He feels Mr. McGee is a good candidate for the Sewer Authority. Barbara Mehne feels Mr. McGee would be a great asset to the Authority. Mr. Kapeluck asked about Mr. Eber. Mr. Sorg noted the Authority does not have wastwater issues. They have financial issues and he feels Mr. McGee could help. John Giguere noted Mr. McGee also knows the electrical aspect of the sewers. Supervisor Patterson stated he will pose the questions asked by the public to Mr. Eber. John Giguere feels Mr. Sorg should have been appointed to the Sewer Authority. He feels he is very knowledgable. Paula Sorg said maybe the Board should find out if Mr. Eber is really interested in serving on the Authority since he hasn't attended any meetings. Matthew Pendrak feels it's a no brainer. The Supervisors should appoint Mr. McGee. Chick Keating noted every time he attends a Sewer Authority meeting he is told the Authority is a seperate entity, yet the Supervisors are appointing members to the Authority. Dick Davis asked if Mr. McGee is a licensed operator. He feels both candidates should be questioned. Barbara Mehne feels it's crazy for the Township to hire the same employee two and three times. Nancy Utter asked if the Board interviewed anyone else for the Roadmaster position. She also asked about promoting one of the other employees and if any of them have been interviewed for the job. Nancy Utter asked if it was true Mr. Wallace is related to Supervisor Butler and whether or not Don Wallace is working for the Sewer Authority. Nancy Utter - isn't the hiring of Don Wallace a violation of the Sunshine Act. She then asked Supervisor Butler if he abstained from the vote regarding Don Wallace. There being no further business a motion was made by Paul T. Thomas second by John H. Patterson, Jr. the meeting adjourned. Meeting Adjourned: 8:10 p.m. _________________________________ Coleen Watt, Secretary