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The regular monthly meeting of the Jefferson Township Board of Supervisors was held on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.


Call to order:  Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Lester L. Butler, Jr.


Pledge to the flag was given.


Roll Call:  Lester L. Butler, Jr., John H. Patterson, Jr., Attorney Donald P. Dolan, Coleen Watt, Paul T. Thomas was absent.


Addendum items:  A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to correct the amount of the tax collectors bill.  The amount listed for approval is $190.84.  The correct amount should be $107.80.  Aye carried.


Public comment on agenda items:  There was no public comment on agenda items.


Minutes of previous meeting:  A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Aye carried.


Treasurers report: A motion was made by Lester L. Butler, Jr. second by John H. Patterson, Jr. to approve the treasurers report as read.  Aye carried.


Reports of officials and committees: Fire Company, Police, Road Department, and Sewer Authority reports were read by Secretary, Coleen Watt.  A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to approve the reports as read.  Aye carried.


Unfinished business:  A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to approve the purchase of an International Terrastar through costars not to exceed $98,585.00.  Finance through Municipal Capital Finance at 3.35% interest.  Aye carried.


Resolutions:  Resolution 2014-9 


Be it RESOLVED, that Jefferson Township of Lackawanna County hereby requests a Local Share Account Monroe County grant of $349,811.00 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority to be used for the Jefferson Park Access Drive Construction Project, Final Section.


Be it FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Applicant does hereby designate Lester L. Butler, Jr., Chairman as the official to execute all documents and agreements between the Jefferson Township and the Commonwealth Financing Authority to facilitate and assist in obtaining the requested grant.


I, Coleen Watt, duly qualified Secretary of Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, PA hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a Resolution duly adopted by a majority vote of Jefferson Township at a regular meeting held September 8, 2014 and said Resolution has been recorded in the minutes of Jefferson Township and remains in effect as of this date.


A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to approve Resolution 2014-9.  Aye carried.


Action on bills:  A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to pay all outstanding bills and payroll.  Aye carried.


New Business: A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to send Real Estate Tax Collector to a convention October 10-11, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center of York.  Registration $160.00, hotel $114.45 per night plus meals, mileage and other incidentals.  Aye carried.


Miscellaneous business:  Gerard Hetman of Lackawanna County informed the Township of events happening throughout the County.


Public comment:  Richard Sorg asked if taxpayers are paying for the park. He thought taxpayers money would not be used for the park.


Will Keating noted Living Waters and Archbald Mtn. Rds. are in terrible condition.  They are alligatored and in need of repair.


Barbara Medici noted there should be a sign showing where the park is.  She requested the Township erect a sign.


Will Keating asked if the park is going to be open year round. 


Bill McGee said tractor trailers are using Living Waters road and are beating it up.


Marge McGee informed the Board there was a strange car on Debbie Dr. at 6:30 in the morning and residents called the Township Bldg. looking for the police and couldn't reach anyone.


Paula Sorg noted there is a kid on a green dirt bike doing wheelies down Archbald Mtn. road from Keatings Ice Cream to the stop sign.


Will Keating asked when the police department is going to be moved to the Municipal Bldg.


Lola Gaglio asked if the Police Chief is collecting rent to store the Township police cars in his garage.


Will Keating asked where the police records are kept.  Mr. Keating also stated the Police Chief is never in uniform.  He has seen him on several occassions on duty and not in uniform.


Nancy Utter asked what the annual police budget is.


Matthew Pendrak asked why the roadmasters report for July was not signed respectfully submitted by.


Mr. Pendrak asked who Mr. Wallace reports to as roadmaster and who does Mr. Wallace report to when he works for the Sewer Authority.


Nancy Utter asked if the Township sent a letter to the Sewer Authority regarding Mr. Hyduchaks conduct.  She doesn't feel she should have to sit through a meeting and be slandered by him.


Matthew Pendrak informed the Board Mr. Hyduchak is making arrangements for payment plans with private citizens.  Mr. Pendrak doesn't feel Mr. Hyduchak has the right to make such arrangements.


A motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. to send the Sewer Authority a letter.


Matthew Pendrak would like the Board to pass an ordinance requiring all pools have locking and latching gates.


Geraldine Karsnak said at the July meeting Mr. Thomas said it was not a conflict to appoint Mr. Eber, but it was a conflict to appoint Mr. McGee because he was not on the sewer system. She noted Mr. Thomas' wife is on the Sewer Authority and not connected to the system.  She asked if that was a conflict.


Mrs. Karsnak said a call was made to her home regarding signs she had put up voicing her opinions. She was told to take the signs down.


Greg Kapeluck stated Mrs. Karsnaks signs are free speech and she shouldn't be muscled out of them.  He also feels her sign was asking a question, not being slanderous.


Mr. Kapeluck pointed out what he feels are eye sores throughout Jefferson Township and would like them to be addressed.  He sighted red, white and blue signs painted on trailers, porta potties, delapidated trailers that are not road worthy, a junkyard surrounding a beautiful pond and a chicken farm at the corner of Cortez and Lake Spangenberg.


Barbara Medici asked if the dumpster on Golf Club Rd. could be moved back off the road.


Matthew Pendrak asked if it is Attorney Dolans job to protect the Board of Supervisors only or could he expand on the issue of Mrs. Karsnaks signs.  Attorney Dolan stated there are restrictions on free speech.


Mrs. Karsnak stated her sign asked a question and she was accused of slander.


There being no further business a motion was made by John H. Patterson, Jr. second by Lester L. Butler, Jr. the meeting adjourned.


Meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.                                                                _____________________________

                                                                                                            Coleen Watt, Secretary