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Attention Jefferson Township Residents:

The Jefferson Township Recycling Center will be reopening on May 16th (9:00-11:30 a.m.) with the following restrictions:

1. Dumpsters will be spaced out with one car allowed to unload per dumpster.
2. Residents will ONLY be allowed to exit and unload their vehicle once directed to and parked next to an available dumpster.
3. Residents will be responsible for unloading their own recyclables for the safety of township personnel (NO ASSISTANCE WILL BE GIVEN AT THIS TIME).
4. In accordance with CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines, face masks/coverings should be worn while at the recycling center.

Lastly, please be patient and observe any changes to the regular traffic flow while entering and exiting the recycling center grounds. Every effort is being made to ensure everyone’s safety!