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Boards, Commission, & Authorities

Jefferson Township Board of Supervisors

Matthew D. Pendrak - Chairman

John L. Peters, Sr. - Vice Chairman

Jason B. Hollister - Supervisor

Jefferson Township Planning Commission

William J. Nicolais - Chairman

Cynthia Canterbury - Secretary

Joseph Dombrowski - Member

Michael Black - Member

Eugene Metschulat - Member

Jefferson Township Recreation Board

Adeline Rocco - Chairwoman

Richard Sadowski - Member

Barbara Janus - Member

Denice Nicolais - Member

Alison McHale - Secretary

Jefferson Township Zoning Hearing Board

Rollin Keisling

Joseph Norvilas

Kenneth Notari

Richard Spinosi


Jefferson Township Sewer Authority

James Eber - Chairman

Richard Sorg - Vice Chairman

Frank Kane - Secretary/Treasurer

Mark Powell - Sergeant at Arms

William Nicolais - Member/Right to Know Officer

Barbara Mehne - Assistant Secretary/Treasurer